Monday, June 23, 2008

Use Winkey-E to start File Manager (Nautilus) on Ubuntu 8.04

I'm used to hittig Winkey-E to bring up Explorer on Windows. So, I want to have a similar key binding on Ubuntu. Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Disable current key binding of Winkey-E.
System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effects Settings
Go to Desktop->Expo->Bindings
Click on Super-E and disable it.

Step2: Add new bindings
prompt%> gconf-editor

Go to /Apps/metacity/global_keybidings
Set run_command_1 to < super >E (without any space)

Go to /Apps/metacity/keybinding_commands
Set command_1 to /usr/bin/nautilus

You're done. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Works great!