Saturday, April 25, 2020

Focusrite Clarette 4Pre USB + Ableton LIVE 10 Lite + ASIO4ALL + VB Audio + Voicemeeter + Meet or Skype + Windows 10

Here's how to make these all work together.

Configure Windows 10 default playback and recording devices

Right-click -> Open Sound settings

Related Settings -> Sound Control Panel

Configure Ableton LIVE 10 Lite

  • Set Driver Type to ASIO
  • Set Audio Device to ASIO4ALL v2

Input Config

  • Enable (Yellow) all 8 inputs
  • Name channels

Output Config

  • Enable first 2 channels
  • Name channels

Enable monitoring

  • Set Mic to channel 1 and Monitor to In.
  • Set Master Out to channel 1/2.

Configure ASIO4ALL

This can be accessed from Ableton in Settings->Audio->Hardware Setup.
- OR - 
from ASIO4ALL Taskbar (while Ableton is running)

  • Check wrench to enable Advanced view
  • Enable VB-Audio Virtual Cable Device & Out (IMPORTANT: Only as Output device, not as Input device)

  • Enable Focusrite USB Audio Device and In (IMPORTANT: Only as Input device, not Output device)

Configure Voicemeeter

  • Set Hardware Out A1 to Focusrite USB. This will enable all sound to go to Clarette.
  • Set Hardware Input 1 to Cable Output. Route to B2 (Voicemeeter AUX output). This will allow you to combine Cable Output + System to Voucemeeter AUX output for soundboard.

Configure Meet

  • Set Microphone as Voicemeeter Aux Output (if adding sounds) or VB Cable Output (if direct from Ableton)
  • Set Speakers to Focusrite USB 

Configure Skype

See above.

Friday, April 10, 2020

How to clear Microsoft Excel data on MacOS

Step: 1: Close Excel

Step 2: Open the folder: ~/Library/Saved Application State. (Use shortcut: Cmd+Shift+G)

Step 3: Rename to something else.